How to Bypass frp Vivo Y15 and Remove Pattern Lock


In this method, we will use simple and free software called “MRT key 3.19 latest version” tool which is available with keygen, so just install and activate tool and then with single click, we can fix frp and remove pattern lock vivo Y15.

This method has been successfully applied with model number VIVO Y15 1901.

Let’s Remove Pattern Lock Vivo Y15

  • At first switch off the phone and connect it to PC, you are not required to press any boot key, because this is mediatek device, that is why, PC will automatically detect your phone.
  • Download MRT 3.19 [DOWNLOAD]

Note: You can check the LINK for installation process of MRT 3.19 tool in your PC.

  • Open MRT 3.19 tool in your PC.
  • Tap on “VIVO” tab from mrt tool.
  • Select “Format [Unlock]” option.
  • Select model number “Y91c”, because Y91c is working perfectly with your VIVO Y15 1901.
  • Now click to “START” button to Bypass frp Vivo Y15 and Remove Pattern Lock.


Note: If your model number is not 1901, then you can try by selecting other models number from MRT tool, just select and click to start button, one of them will work with your model.


-It may take few seconds in completing its process, and after that you will see “all is done”.


Now simply disconnect Vivo Y15 phone and turn on your phone.

After that it will show you initial setup to complete, but remember that, your phone still has frp lock so, we have to Bypass frp Vivo Y15.

Let’s Bypass FRP Now:

-Tap on > Setup your Phone > Next > Next > Agree.


-No need to connect WiFi now, we will connect it later.

-Tap on “Skip” from top right corner, and after that again tap “Skip”.

-Now tap > More > More > Accept > Next.

-Again tap “Skip” from top right of the screen.

-Tap > Next > Skip > Skip > Use Now.

-Now it will show you “Not Signed in” popup window, just hit on “Setup Phone”.

-As you can see we are being asked to sign in first, so now lets do that.

Setup Pattern Lock:

-Tap on > Setup your Phone > Next > Next.

-Tap “Skip” from top right.

-Now go to > More > More > Accept > Next.

-Tap on “Add fingerprint”, and then select “Pattern” option


After that, it will ask you to set your security questions, just go for that and tap to “Finish” from top right corner.

-Then click tab “Cancel” from top right corner on register a fingerprint screen.

Connect WiFi and Finish Setup Wizard:

-Now go back to WiFi options by tapping on back several times.

-Connect your phone to a WiFi connection.

-Now complete your setup wizard.

-On verification screen, you will be shown 2 options, so we can easily bypass that screen through our previously setup pattern lock.

-Right after giving pattern lock, it will show you the screen of “Checking info…”, and it may take several minutes on this screen.

-After that, it will show you “SKIP” option, just tap on that skip option to completely Bypass frp Vivo Y15.



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