How To Pin Unlock Lephone W7S by Hard Reset – Step By Step Guide

How To Pin Unlock Lephone W7S by Hard Reset - Step By Step Guide

In this article you are going to learn How To Pin Unlock Lephone W7S by Hard Reset. So, follow below guide to remove password lock on your Lephone W7S By Hard Reset.

Note: This method is only for device owner, you will lose your all data if you follow below steps, because we will hard reset Lephone W7S.

Let’s Unlock Forgotten Pin Lock Lephone W7S:

-Switch off your device completely.

-Long press all (Volume UP + Volume Down + Power button) together.

-Release only (Power Key), when you see “Lephone logo” on screen, and keep pressing the other (Volume UP + Volume Down) keys.


-Once you see “NO Command” screen, just release volume up & down keys as well.


-Press both (Power + Volume UP) keys togher.

Note: First press Power button, after that press Volume UP button, means while pressing the power button, you have to press volume up button once). we hope you got our point.

-Now you will see “Android Recovery” screen.

-By using the (Volume down) key, access to the option of “Wipe data/factory reset”.

-Press (Power button) to select “wipe data/factory reset” option.


-Select the option of “Yes”.

-Now it will start to hard reset your device to Unlock Forgotten Pin Lock Lephone W7S.

-It may take few seconds or minute, once its done, you will see the screen of “android recovery”.

-Press “Power key” to select the option of (Reboot system now).

-After that, complete initial setup to access Lephone W7S home screen, and set your new PIN Lock code.

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